How effective are your B2B marketing efforts?

Often B2B marketing programs underachieve business goals because technology, content, and design are not seen in the overall context of the customer experience.

Drive B2B Marketing Results 

This isn’t surprising, or uncommon, given the vast number of marketing moments with prospects. Most companies don’t have resources to cover all cross-channel marketing programs, nor the expertise to effectively leverage advances in technology that will help them deliver real time personalization campaigns or predictability across the entire customer lifecycle. This is where we drive results.

We advise clients on full-funnel marketing plans, account based marketing (ABM), and inbound marketing optimization. Often our engagements begin at the high-level of strategy and planning and trickle down to details such as how to configure retargeting campaigns or create landing pages that will increase leads.

If you are wondering what headlines will generate a new pipeline, which offer will cause new buyers to engage and provide their contact info, or which current campaigns will benefit most from optimizing landing page content then you’re in good company. Our evidence based solutions are grounded in having launched hundreds of successful B2B campaigns blending marketing expertise with advanced technologies.

Contextual, Real Time Personalization

We create personalized campaigns across digital moments, and just as no two campaigns are the same, each connection offers unique opportunities and messaging. We help identify what channels offer the best opportunity and execute deep within that channel, tailoring the messaging and measuring as people progress through the purchase process.

Perhaps you need a retargeting campaign combined with an outreach program to high-value influencers, or perhaps an inbound marketing solution to overcome the challenges of generating leads and optimizing marketing spend. We are in the business of putting it all together. It’s knowing exactly how and where people want to be reached and have the analytics to back up every decision made.

We leverage and craft tools sending the right leads to the right sales member at the right time. We deliver dynamic calls-to-action that drive more conversions by testing what works and eliminating what doesn’t. It’s a blend of engineering, marketing, and analyzing to maximize effectivenes.

B2B Marketing Needs Insights & Data

Building a successful marketing program for your B2B organization begins with uncovering insights that motivate action and nurturing it with data necessary to grow your marketing strategy. The trick is finding the nugget of insight buried in terabytes of data. We help companies find new opportunities to connect with their customers and craft ‘moments’ to delight them.

A few outcomes from extracting insights from data:

  • Scaling marketing strategy with technology
  • Revealing new opportunities and ‘moments’
  • Predicting outcomes based on real-time data
  • Personalizing campaigns based on context
  • Improving user funnels through evidence-based data
  • Optimizing user experience
  • Making data your friend, again
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