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Since its inception two years ago, Pain Relief Revolution has been about being a voice for better and more progressive approaches to pain management. Our goal has been to empower our readers in their battles for creating sustainable relief from pain by delivering knowledge and fresh ideas that might otherwise get missed at standard medical appointments and internet searches.


Develop a robust community platform that would enable thousands of users to interact, create content, and engage with fellow users. No easy task when there are millions of websites about chronic pain. Pain Relief Revolution came to us to create the brand, develop the network, and launch an ongoing social media campaign to increase awareness and cultivate conversation about painreliefrevolution.com.

Platform Development

Through research, we realized much information about chronic pain is unhelpful or even inaccurate. This finding became the basis for our strategy. After creating an overarching brand message, we built a community platform that introduces a breakthrough innovative experience that brings trustworthy content to people who suffer from chronic pain.

The platform needed to support heavy usage, and still be user-friendly. In fact, the content management system (CMS) had to serve as a publishing tool and be accessible as a pick-up-and-play tool so Experts could easily update their own content in the CMS or link their RSS Feed.

The intelligent platform tags hundreds of trustworthy health articles daily and presents them in a beautiful, customizable dashboard. Additionally, Pain Relief Revolution creates Expert content targeted to different people’s needs. An algorithm processes the most relevant articles based on user preferences. This immersive digital experience is personalized and empowers consumers to take control of their health and pain.

The platforms flexible grids and fluid content scale across every touch point, so consumers get a robust experience no matter the device.



Pain Relief Revolution

Learning about pain treatments should be a highly positive and enriching experience. Pain Relief Revolution is working to make that a reality.

Engagement Strategy

Once this platform was deployed, ikonic launched a highly-successful, ongoing social media strategy to cultivate conversation among key influencers and experts. Delving deep into the conversations, we’ve established partnership opportunities and business relationships far beyond our original scope. We are believers of data, integrated analytics, and KPIs to help drive and shape our social activities and campaigns. 


  • Thousands of members have joined
  • Doubled the number of expert contributors – doctors and pain specialists
  • Content partnership formed with about.com, Huffington Post, and WebMD.
  • Thousands of members tune in to monthly programming