Digital Strategy

We review our clients’ technology stack and map their customers' journeys. We research the opinions of customers and stakeholders. We develop strategies for improvement and we pass on our expertise to our clients.

Align your business 

At ikonic our focus isn’t on stating the obvious about an organisation’s digital issues. We concentrate on delivering clear, concise, useful and valuable recommendations to our clients. These recommendations take many forms.

  • Measurement Planning
  • Goals & Initiatives Prioritization
Customer Journey

Visually understand your customers’ behavior

Researching, reviewing and auditing provides little value on its own. It is good to understand where problems (and pain points) lie and bring them to life with empathy.

  • Customer Journey Mapping & Visualization
  • Persona Development
  • Storyboarding

Understand your tech requirements

Making sure you have the right team to match your strategy is important, but making sure you have the support to match is vital. Planning that skill transition is where we can really help.

  • Information Architecture
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Marketing Automation Integration & Deployment
Technology requirements
Campaign Strategy

Achieve more and derive more results with your campaigns

Sometimes Marketing can become too much about the technology, and not enough about engaging the audience. As marketers, we like to blend the two.

A social and content strategy needs personalization

We know a marketing campaign lives or dies by the quality of its content. Enriching your marketing efforts with personalized and relevant information turns noise into conversation, indifference into awareness, and interest into action.